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Winnefy is a leading website design agency in Melaka Malaysia that provides one-stop innovative web design services in Malaysia that focused on improving both of your online branding and conversion rates, to ultimately help boost your business online, as well as achieve your goals.

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Web Design Melaka Malaysia

In today’s digital world, your website is often the first interaction point where customers have with your business when they are looking for certain products or services online, even if they don’t meet you face-to-face. This is why almost 95% of the customer’s first impression towards a business depends heavily on its website design, thereby can have a direct impact on your company's bottom line.

That’s the reason why many companies tend to build or revamp their website by getting services from Winnefy, the web design agency in Malaysia that blends both beauty and functionality in creating a masterpiece for its clients.

We believe web design is more than just a bunch of pretty images putting together on a screen. Hence, we offer a series of value-added services that range from SEO, website content writing, Facebook ads to paid search to ultimately drive real results for your business. Call us today at +6016-302 9288 to start turning your ideal web design concept into reality! We are confident our design team can create a custom website that can best represent your company and drive valuable traffic.

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Our Pricing Plans  
Web Design Melaka Malaysia

Web Design Prices & Packages

Choose Malaysia’s best web design services and explore our 100% transparent pricing plans for each different packages below. Whether you are a new start-up looking to build your online branding or wish to redesign your current digital presence, our services will be tailored to meet your every single business need.

Startup Plus
Perfect for startup business.
  • Up to 5 Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Banner / Image Slider
  • Enquiry Form (Spam Resistance)
  • Embeded Google Map
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google MyBusiness Setup
  • Free 1 Year Domain (.com only)
  • Free 1 Year 20GB Web Hosting
  • Free 1 Year SSL Certificate
  • 30 Days Technical Support
  • 2x Revisions Only
Perfect for SME and Industries.
  • Up to 10 Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Banner / Image Slider
  • Enquiry Form (Spam Resistance)
  • Embeded Google Map
  • Photo Gallery Module
  • SEO Meta Tags Setup
  • SEO Optimization & Submission
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google MyBusiness Setup
  • Free 1 Year Domain (.com only)
  • Free 1 Year 20GB Web Hosting
  • Free 1 Year SSL Certificate
  • 30 Days Technical Support
Perfect for Establish Business. Ready for digital marketing strategy.
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Banner / Image Slider
  • Enquiry Form (Spam Resistance)
  • Embeded Google Map
  • Photo Gallery Module
  • News & Events Module
  • SEO Meta Tags Setup
  • SEO Optimization & Submission
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google MyBusiness Setup
  • Free 1 Year Domain (.com only)
  • Free 1 Year 20GB Web Hosting
  • Free 1 Year SSL Certificate
  • 60 Days Technical Support

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Our Portfolio Showcase

Curious about how we can make just a simple web design service to become a special one for your business? Browse our complete portfolio showcase and learn why many of the leading brands in Malaysia choose Winnefy as their trusted source for high-quality and reliable website design and development services.
The Best Web Design Company For Your Business

Web design shouldn’t be like just your printed brochure that, at the end, your customers will abandon it in the — TRASH BIN.

Let’s create a website that drives not only customer satisfaction but also real results for your business at Winnefy. We provide you with a website design that will make you proud to present it to your customers!

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Features Include In Our Services

Our team tailors our website design services to every of your business's unique needs. Whether you are looking for a rapid or complete web design solution, you can customize every feature of our services to meet your specific goals. Explore more about our website design services below.

On-Page SEO Setup & Optimization

SEO-Friendly Website Design

Instead of just giving you a perfectly designed website, we aim to maximize the results of your website — which is why our team always utilizes the latest techniques in developing your site to ensure they are SEO-friendly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of ranking your website higher up in the organic search results for the relevant search queries.

When people ‘Google’ something, it means they have already expressed their interest in the products or services your company offered and are most likely to convert on your site. If your site doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, If your site doesn’t appear on the first page of Google, that means you are instantly losing your target market, potential customers, and your sales.

Our website designers will go the extra mile to ensure your website not only look good but also optimized for search engine, to ultimately make your business more visible to your target audiences and drive qualified traffic. Explore more about the first-rate SEO services in Melaka.

SEO Copywriting Services

Having a hard time when you try to sit in front of your computer screen, drink close to a dozen cups of coffee, starring at the document file all day long, just to come out with some wordings for your website content? But it ends up copying from your competitor’s site?

We understand your suffers. That’s why we also provide website copywriting services with our web design services to maximize your website’s success with original and persuasive copy that engages and converts your website visitors.

Our team of experienced copywriters will help your business to create compelling copy that not only for users but also for search engines. Our SEO specialists will run a deep analysis on both your competitors and customers to find the keywords that — relevant to your industry, key market, and most likely to be used by your customers when they are searching on Google to ensure your website always appears on the top of the search results.

Curious about how it works? Then you should invest in Malaysia’s professional SEO website copywriting services to see how content can help your website to earn a top spot in search results and deliver the results that your business wants.

Customized Webpage Design

Custom Web Design Services Melaka Malaysia

You can always rely on us when it comes to having a unique design online presence for your business.

Whether you are looking to build a corporate website or just a landing page for your marketing campaigns, our designers can create the webpages that can best narrate your brand story and engage your target audience.

As a full-service web design agency in Malaysia, we not only will invest the time to learn your business to create a one-of-a-kind website that can best represent your brand image and elevate user experience, but also provide services like SEO and website content write-up to enhance your website’s performance.

Let’s discuss with our team today to learn how a professional web design service can help your business to achieve goals.


Mobile Responsive Design

At Winnefy, we produce websites that are fully responsive and mobile-friendly to ensure your site displays perfectly on all devices ranging from desktop, smartphone to tablet. With more than 75% of Malaysia’s Internet users are using mobile devices when they come to online, it also means that going fully mobile responsive is an imperative practice for your website to support all the users on the web.

A successful mobile responsive design will give you great help in boosting your website ranking as well. In recent Google updates — mobile-first indexing, it also underlines the importance of a mobile-friendly site. Instead of crawling or viewing websites from the desktop version, Google looks at the mobile version of your webpages.

If your website doesn’t follow these standards, then your rankings may be impacted, thereby lowering down the chance of your website to reach out to your target audience.

With our responsive web design services, you can just sit back and rest assured that this will never happen to your business. That’s why Winnefy has always been rated as the best website design company in Melaka.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is another add-on option for our web design services.

Do you want to constantly update your website with the latest news and events of your company?

Add photos of new products and services you are about to launch? Or even edit the text on your website to maximize the performance of your content marketing strategy?

Our website developers can help with that by customizing a personalized CMS for your business that allows you to work the site anytime. Whether your own an informative website or e-commerce, we can tailor our services to match your exact web design needs.

Contact us online today to build a custom CMS for your website.

Why You Need to Invest in Professional Website Design Services?

Elevate Your User Experience

Our web designers will take the time to get to know your target audience’s online behavior. Then, we customize every aspect and minor details of your website design that could affect the way visitors interact with your site, including both the usability and readability of your content. Thereby, making it clear and easy for your customers to find the information they want and take the desired action.

Make Your Customers Identify You

Things that can help your company to gain a competitive edge is not only limited to your products, services or those unique selling points, but also a well-designed website that provides rich user experiences. With our web design services, you can ensure that your website can help your business to get the attention it deserves, make a good first impression to the users and stand out from your competitors.

Improve Your Brand Visibility

Without a good ranking, your website means nothing to your business but just a web presence. If your website doesn’t rank well in the search results, it will be difficult for your business to connect with all those potential customers on the web. That’s why we offer various add-on services like SEO and content write-up that can help boost your website ranking to drive qualified traffic.

Maximize Your Digital Marketing Results

Whether you want to run PPC adverts or any other marketing campaigns on social media platforms, your website will be the final point where all your users will be directed to. That’s why an up-to-date website — both functional and uniquely designed is critical to support all your digital marketing strategies.

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We are not your typical web design company. Instead of providing you with custom website designs, we take care of your SEO aspects too. One of the important aspects is — your page load speed.

Doesn't believe in what we say? Just try to reload the page or go to any page you like to feel the speed of FLASH.

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How Does Winnefy Design Websites?

At Winnefy, we take a 360-degree approach to design your website by factoring in all the minor details that will help in improving your user experience. That’s the reason why our customers always prefer us as their trusted hub for incredible web design services in Malaysia.
How Winnefy Design Websites?


Creating a beautiful website that impresses and wow your customers is what makes Winnefy as the first-rate web design agency in Melaka, Malaysia. We believe the appearance of your website determines the first impression customers will have towards your business, and may indirectly impact your company’s bottom line. Since a site with modern design and rich multimedia is much more compelling than a website that looks like a printed brochure that you can see in every magazine.

So, your website’s appearance plays a huge role in determining your online success!

Never forget about a mobile responsive design too, as it not only is the practice to rank your website higher up in Google but also to provide your customers with great user experiences.


Website Navigation

Navigation is the important part of your website that lets visitors find what they want and eliminates reactions like “Umm”, “Where am I now?” and “What?”

Some of the most popular navigation elements are the menu and breadcrumb that allow users to know where they are at when browsing your site and can easily go back to any page they want.

At Winnefy, our team will customize simplified navigation that works on both desktops and mobile devices for your website that aims to provide a stellar experience for your users.


Website Attention

The most important thing that you need to do when you are having visitors on your site is to keep their attention. If you lose it, your visitors will leave your site, and you'll miss out a chance to convert them.

Attention is valuable because it keeps someone focused on your brand, products, and services. That’s why we always suggest our customers to incorporate rich multimedia elements on their site to hold the attention of customers. These include video, graphics and photos and downloadable content.

Color theme also plays a vital role in keeping your website visitor’s attention.


Website CTAs

Action — the ultimate goal of driving visitors to your website. But how a website can do to direct your visitors to take the desired action? That’s how call-to-action (CTA) comes in.

A CTA acts an instruction that tells and induces visitors what they should do next, to gradually become your end customers.

Whether you want to get them to make a purchase, call you or download something, CTAs will be essential to direct your website visitors to take the action you want them to perform. That’s why our web designers will always work together with our copywriters to design and develop compelling CTAs that drive real results for your business.

That’s how Winnefy incorporates all these four elements in designing websites for your business to maximize your online success. Interested in building one that can help boost your online visibility and bottom line? Give us a call today at +6016-302 9288 or send us an email by filling up the form below.

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